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About us

We created kindergarden House of Reggio out of passion for development and beauty,

As well as out of experiencing the impact of Reggio Emilia’s philosophy on children.
We are mothers who, while travelling the world, got to know various educational systems (especially Anglo - Saxon and French) and different cultures. We shared a vision of creating a place that would inspire, through its beauty and genuineness, to grow – both children and parents.

We placed our kindergarden on Bliska Wola – right in the centre of a bustling city.

An exceptional kindergarden with an artistic soul and children’s smiling faces.
We follow an idea of individual approach to child’s development, so that children would be conscious and self-confident as well as having all the abilities and knowledge to create and build their life. We also value attachment parenting, non-violent communication and positive psychology.
We also know how important it is to speak foreign languages, so that a child can feel confident and safe in every situation, be aware of its value as a small European citizen.
Being environment-friendly is important to us, therefore we educate children how to take care of our planet, and we explain why every action, even the smallest one, is important.
House of Reggio’s biggest value is to engage parents in co-creating an unique space for our children’s development.
We will take care of your child and its intellectual and emotional development.
If those values are close to you too, you’re in a good place – kindly welcome.


Reggio Emilia’s philosophy not only allows children to develop, but simply to bloom.
In our kindergarden we put child’s and family’s development first and we present a holistic approach to that. We believe that proper environment and concious adults’ suport let children become responsible, independent, creative and empathic adults.

This method believes that every child has an unlimited potential and is willing to interact and get to know the world surrounding it. Observing each child and stimulating its advantages are foundations of this approach.

We take care of kindergarden’s space and quality, choosing materials that children use on a daily basis carefully.

House of Reggio is a place inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy and run by a qualified team.
House of Reggio’s main values:
  • Independence

  • Communication – based on non-violent communication (NVC) and attachment parenting

  • Relationship with another people

  • Cooperation with parents – Reggio Emilia philosophy believes that child’s development is local community’s collective responsibility

  • Learning foreign languages through immersion, English surrounds children every day

  • Environment – we work and create using natural materials and facilities, we take care of our surrounding

Bit of history...

This approach to a pre-school education was founded in an Italian city Reggio Emilia by Loris Malaguzzi, a teacher, philosopher and poet who believed a child has a hundred ways to communicate – child’s hundred languages, naturally.

Reggio philosophy uses Montessori’s methods and is bades on latest research on child brain’s development – neuropedagogics (made to learn and develop naturally) by Piaget and Vagotski


Individual approach to a child’s development
Supporting independence
Developing creativity
Teaching through project work
Heading to develop internal motivation
Teaching children to dissolve conflicts in an empathic way
Supporting tolerance and respect towards multiculturalism
Child is surrounded by nature and wooden tools
Developing healthy habits
Promoting healthy eating
Taking care of natural environment
Sensitizing children towards aesthetics
Developing child’s talents
Staying outdoor on a daily basis
Agreement without violence (Nonviolent Communication)
Attachment parenting
Supporting child’s development throught parents’ education
Cameral classes


Team is made of people full of passion for their work and love for children. They create a supporting atmosphere for its intellectual and emotional development.


  • Thank you for all support and guidance

    We are very pleased about the structure of teaching, culture, and the environment in House of Reggio. We appreciate the individual care and attention provided to each child. Our child has developed great excitement in going to school every day, which is very important for us as we worked together hand in hand with all House of Reggio staff in a very patient manner to achieve this. As a foreigner, House of Reggio always listened us, understood our expectations and shared regular feedback about our kid's development areas. Once House of Reggio provided psychologist and speech terapist for all the kids, it made a big positive impact in our world. We have observed a lot of improvements in language learning of our bilingual girl. Also with the individual care being given, our daughter became more comfortable & happy. Some of her favorite activities in school are singing, nature walks and French classes. We take this opportunity to thank the staff of House of Reggio for taking care of our kid in a very professional and loving way.



Eating is a pleasure, it’s a creation process.

House of Reggio takes care of children’s healthy diet, because we know how important it is for both of you, children and parents.

We have a professionally equipped kitchen, meeting all HCCAP requirements. Thanks to that, we can offer fresh, well-balanced meals based on seasonal products.

Menu is prepared based on macrobiotic cuisine rules, which consists of whole-grain products, cereal, rice. Base of our menu are fruit and vegetables, lean meat. We do not add sugar as well as we do not serve sweets. We do not use semi-products.

We include following diets: gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian.

We eat together, because children learn through imitating adults as well as their friends.

Eating together is an occassion to develop independce too, i.e. by plating dishes or cleaning together afterwards and to preserve healthy eating habits and well-mannered behaviour.

We serve meal on a glassware only.

Throughout the day children have an unlimited access to fresh water available in all rooms and seasonally water with mint and lemon in summer, and water with ginger and orange in winter.

Room for development

House of Reggio is an ergonomic space of almost 500 sq. metres, where you can find:
3 spacious rooms, all equipped with sanitary facilities
room for psychological and speech therapy
relax zone
dining room
library available
own kitchen
teacher’s room, because teachers do need time to rest as well


Tuition fee: 1650 PLN 
complete price inc. food 
we accept children aged 1,5 and above
children are welcome between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.pm
we also offer a discount for siblings
Kids are divided into groups: 
1,5 - 2,5 y.o. (14 kids, nursery)
2,5 - 4 y.o. (kindergarten)
4-5 y.o. (kindergarten)
This supports children’s development and peer tutoring. It allows younger children to get inspiration from older ones and at the same time teaches the older ones the patience and care.
Tuition fee includes:
  • English using immersion method
  • French
  • rhytmic
  • dance classes
  • cultural-sensorial workshop „We get to know the world”
  • authorial cognitive projects
  • ppsychological and pedagogical help
Paid additionally:
  • educational workshop for parents
  • meetings with parenting support specialists


House of Reggio
ul. Giełdowa 4B
Warszawa 01-211

Bliska WOLA (300m from Daszyński roundabout)
Phone: 790 789 079
We are located in the city centre, yet surrounded by green, far from main street, which allows us to provide comfortable and safe place for learning and rest.

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